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iClever Coding Courses for Kids

We provide the most fun and efficient way for kids aged 5 to 18, to learn coding and computer science, practice computational thinking, and develop problem-solving critical thinking skills.

Gem from Magma Coding Game Immersive game-like courses &
interactive lessons with built-in tutorials

The Easiest Way to Learn Code

iClever Robot from Honey Coding Game Self-paced coding courses

With 892+ Coding Puzzles

Include 12 free lessons with 152 puzzles
Honey from Honey Coding Game Proven path to successful

Coding Confidence & Learning

with Scratch based coding system
iClever Robot from Farmer Coding Game Revolutionary visual blocks

Faster Skills Mastery

Our revolutionary visual blocks allow kids to learn coding concepts in games, motivating them to acquire skills 5x faster and transition to more advanced programming like JavaScript, Python, and C++.

Scratch based revolutionary visual blocks for faster coding skills mastery
Snake from Desert Collector Coding Game Trusted by thousands of schools
& millions of students over the world

Kids & Parents Love iClever Code

The curricula and teaching system we developed have been selected for the government’s recommended courses catalog since 2021. We power the creativity of over one million school children and thousands of schools and educators.

iClever Robot from Spelling Coding Game STEAM coding curriculum
apply coding to core subjects ...

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